Please note:
    1. This is a self created and printed comic, so we're not paying for a rating.
      But these issues would probably get an R-rating for foul language, drug abuse, and adult themes. (see page samples below, if you are concerned).
    2. Warren and Jonason have been drawing and writing for 10 years, but this is our first official attempt at a full comic. Please give us any and all of your feedback, good or bad!

vidHero : The Comic Book

Created by Warren Blyth
Additional Dialogue by Jonason Ho
Last updated : June 26, 2008

A tribute to the cover of X-Men 232
Issue #1 "Late.Period : In The Pearl District"

Part one of the Joey Shoemocker saga finds our videotape vigilante escalating his private war on misdemeanor crimes in the back alleys of Portland, Oregon.

This debut issue is structured as an action-spiced introduction to vidHero's perverse movie humor and strange technologies, while setting up the main relationships that will permeate this 3 issue arc.

If you enjoy visual attacks on pop culture, excessive violence, the subtle psychological dissection of modern superhero comics, and dark humor - you must pick up this issue!
21 pages + 2 page story insights and deleted scenes, + debut advert for Jonason Ho's James and Robot = 24 pages total! This issue should be available for purchase in a week or two, thanks to the fine folks at ComixPress.

Sample Artwork:

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Issue 2 cover art concept :
Probably up in early July
Issue #2 "Bleeding In Death's Dope: Beneath Burnside Bridge"

Picking up at the bloody climax of issue 1, this story follows a deadly game of cat and mouse through the darker nooks and crannies of Portland.

Twice the violence and spectacle, with half the talking, of issue one.

bonus poop: here are the very first logo attempts: